// Canon Project Imagin8ion//

Imagination is a very important thing. Without it, where would we be in the world? Every day, people around us imagine greater possibilities, greater prospects, greater ways of living.. and quite a lot of the time, this can lead to inspiration. When one’s inspired, everything can just fall into place. Whether you feel inspired to clean the kitchen, write that essay that’s been sitting on your desk for weeks, or even write that blog post you’ve been twiddling your thumbs over for the last six hours. Imagination and Inspiration often go hand-in-hand, which is why this video I found whilst aimlessly flicking through YouTube made me stop and think.

Canon’s Project Imagin8ion actually started several months ago, and the time for entries has already come and gone. But I still think the message behind the project is very important. Photography, Art, Writing, Designing.. there’s so much out there that is created through inspiration from something else. I mean, just look at Photography itself. A lot of photographers take inspiration from what they see and want others to see the same – from a model managing to so strongly push emotions from their body language through to behind the lens, or the perfect capture of the sun setting in the sky. All of these things can create inspiration, or behave as a muse, for those viewing the final product. Michael and I, for example, frequently text each other website URLs for various photographers that we think the other person would like. And you can guarantee that, nine times out of ten, one of us will say, “This really just makes me want to work.”

So, listening to music, watching videos, scrolling through photos, or even simply talking to someone can be inspirational, and trigger off the imagination. I’ll never understand those out there that frown at people that live with their head in the clouds. I’d certainly choose my over-active imagination any day over crawling on through life with a ‘what’s the point?’ attitude and a ‘pigs will never fly’ mentality.

So, is there anything out there that inspires your imagination?

To watch the trailer for Project Imagin8ion, click here!

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// Lara Jade vs Joey L//

Almost every photographer I know has a different view on Photography. There’s so many different styles - from macro to landscapes, from still life to wildlife, from fashion to street - so, in reality, there’s no set way to go about photography. In A-Level classes, you give a group of amateur photographers a theme that they have to base their course work on, and you can almost guarantee that there will be many unique takes on the same thing. Take ‘Growth’, for example. One student could go and do a time-lapse video of a plant, whilst another could delve into the idea of mental growth and do a photo shoot showing the development of ideas that a person has. Anyone can take something and twist it to make it something special, something of their own, something unique.

Earlier today, I was browsing the net for some blog ideas, when I stumbled upon a post which led me to information on a DVD that Lara Jade and Joey L have released. One of the main attractions of this DVD is the fact that it explores different styles, and appears to tutor you to take your own approach with your ideas, whilst also showing you a couple of tricks of the trade along the way. With four separate tasks given to the pair of them, the DVD explores how they came up with and developed their ideas, then how they created their final, fantastic results. Using a combination of superb lighting, a great amount of imagination, and a few Photoshop skills, these two certainly show why they’re at the top of their game. It was definitely inspirational to me, even just watching the trailer and reading a few of the snippets written underneath. For anyone who wants to develop further in Photography, or wants to find their own style, I think this DVD is definitely worth consideration.

It can take years for someone to truly develop their own style - something recognizable and unique to them. Whether it’s in Photography, or in another aspect of life. The best advice that I can give is to experiment. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Think outside of the box. Act on impulse every now and again. And don’t just give up because something goes wrong. We all make mistakes, but they aren’t something that should just be buried under the sand. As Samuel Beckett wrote, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” So, get out there, take some photos, experiment with them, test out new filters, new settings.. It’s worth it. You’ll be well on your way to finding your own unique style.

For more information on the Lara Jade vs Joey L DVD, just click here!

Are there any photographers out there that inspire you with their unique photographic style?

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